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The best fully automatic washing machine in Egypt

Washing machines are one of the durable commodities, the acquisition of which has become a matter that requires a lot of research and exploration for the best types, so if you are looking for the best automatic washing machine in Egypt, there is no doubt that you will be very confused, due to the diversity of brands, models and types, especially with each company claiming that it is Who offers the best automatic washing machine 2024.

It's really confusing. But do not worry, this article was written specifically for you, to put in your hands the criteria for choosing the best full automatic washing machine in Egypt, and what are the tips for buying the best automatic washing machine in Egypt. Is there a difference between front-loading and top-loading washing machines? We put all this and more in your hands, as we present our nomination to you for the best full automatic washing machine in Egypt - just be with us.

Criteria for choosing the best fully automatic washing machine

It is true that only you can determine the best automatic washing machine according to your needs and capabilities, but there is no doubt that there are a set of criteria that, if you follow them, will help you choose, and knowing these criteria will help you determine the most appropriate and best:

washing machine capacity

The capacity is one of the most important factors on the basis of which the purchase of a washing machine is determined or not, and the capacity of the washing machine ranges from 5 kg to 14 kg to choose the right one for you according to the number of your family members, and there is no doubt that the largest size is a good option for many uses, so we find that the capacity of 11 to 14 kg is very suitable For washing blankets and upholstery.


There are several types of washing machine, including:

- Semi-automatic washing machine.

- Fully automatic washing machine.

- Washing machine above automatic.

the size

Frequent question How do I know the size of the washing machine? Most people imagine that the weight of the washing machine is written on it in kilograms, but this information is wrong.

So how do I know the size of the washing machine, how many kilos? The size of the washing machine written on it is the weight of the clothes or things that can be placed inside the washing machine drum in order to be washed properly in accordance with the instructions of the washing machine.



The number of programs affects the choice of automatic washing machines because it allows you to use the appropriate program for the type of fabric to be washed in addition to obtaining the highest level of cleanliness.


The properties provided by the washing machine

There are many features found in modern washing machines that help you choose the best automatic washing machine in Egypt, such as:

- Digital screen.

- Protect children.

- Equipped with a 3D water pump feature for more stain removal.

Equipped with a dryer, meaning that it is an automatic washing machine and dryer together.


washing machine brand

The prices of full-automatic washing machines vary according to the company that produces them and the brand that obtains them.

Real Tech provides you with all the features that the washing machine contains, in addition to the prices of fully automatic washing machines that are very suitable for everyone. Here are tips for choosing the best automatic washing machine in Egypt.


Tips for buying the best automatic washing machine in Egypt

After we got acquainted with the most important criteria for choosing a washing machine, here are the tips that must be taken into account when buying the best automatic washing machine in Egypt, which are:

  • You have to choose the size of the washing machine that is suitable for your use and your place. So that you do not choose the small size, which leads to wasting time in washing clothes in more than one cycle, nor the large size, which can lead to the consumption of a lot of energy in addition to narrowing the space.
  • You should ask about the number of turns of the drum before buying it, because the higher the number of turns, the higher its efficiency and the more cleaning.
  • Choose a washing machine with high materials and do not follow famous names. Because the washing machine is a durable commodity that must have a long life span.
  • Check the power of the motor and the material of the drum.
  • Make sure that the washing machine has a program that runs for half an hour, for example. When you want to wash a small amount of clothes, do not wait for two hours, but rather accomplish the time with a small program.
  • Consider the warranty period and after-sales service so that you do not regret it later when the washing machine needs maintenance.

It remains for you to know the difference between top-loading and front-loading washing machines - here's a comparison of the two types in the next paragraph.



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