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Types of deep freezers and their prices

The deep freezer has become an indispensable appliance in the home. As it saves time and effort, especially if the woman is a worker, the deep freezer helps the housewife a lot to store food, and therefore she does not need to shop daily.

When you decide to buy a deep freezer, you must be confused due to the availability of many brands, but in this article we show you the best types of chest deep freezers and their prices, and the best energy-saving deep freezer that you can buy in your home, just follow us until the end.

Specifications of the horizontal deep freezer

To begin with, before talking about the best types of horizontal deep freezers and their prices, we have to clarify an important matter, which is that there are two types of deep freezers:

  • Vertical deep freezer.
  • Horizontal deep freezer.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to buy a deep freezer, here are the specifications or criteria that you take into account when buying it to get the best types of deep freezers. These criteria are:


One of the most important criteria that you must consider is capacity. For example, there is a 3-drawer deep freezer suitable for a family of two or three, but if the number of family members is greater than that, 4 or 5 drawers are suitable for them. Therefore, you are the one who chooses what is appropriate for you, according to the quantities to be stored.

the size

The size of the deep freezer must be commensurate with the space allocated for it, taking into account good ventilation, because good ventilation makes the deep freezer work more efficiently.

At least 15 cm should be left between the wall and the deep freezer from the back, in addition to leaving a free space on the right and left about 5 cm on each side, in order to maintain the coolness and work as efficiently as possible.

Electricity consumption

You must consider choosing the best energy-saving deep freezer, Real Tech works to produce the best energy-saving deep freezer so that you do not have to pay a high electricity bill every month.

Warranty and after sales service

Warranty is one of the most important factors in choosing the best types of deep freezers, because it guarantees you replacement or return, and also if a technical malfunction occurs, the company can fix it during the warranty period, so it is important to choose a device that has a long warranty period.

As for the after-sales service, it guarantees you that any malfunction will be repaired through specialized technicians or engineers, and it can also be maintained within the company in maintenance centers, thus ensuring maintenance of the device at the lowest cost and at the highest level.

Now that you know the specifications of the deep freezer to know how to choose it, we move on to learn about the types of horizontal deep freezers and their prices.

The best types of horizontal deep freezers and their prices

Real Tech provides you with the best types of horizontal deep freezers that you can purchase with a package of great features, including:

The freezer is available in several sizes.
It saves electricity.
Available in distinctive designs and colors.
Spare parts are available.
After sales services of maintenance and warranty.
The company provides the best technicians always available to maintain the freezer and repair any malfunction in it.

Prices of types of deep freezer

Deep freezer prices vary according to several factors, including:

  • Type of deep freezer.
  • amplitude.
  • the color.
  • brand.
  • Conforms to international standards in manufacturing.

Real Tech provides you with various types of chest deep freezers and their prices are quite suitable. Prices range from 5000 to 14000 pounds, depending on the type and capacity. You can contact us to learn more details about the types of chest freezers and their available prices.

Upright deep freezer prices

It is true that our article deals with talking about the best types of horizontal deep freezers and their prices, but if you want to know the prices of vertical deep freezers, we explain that:

Deep freezer prices, 3 drawers, start from 5800 Egyptian pounds
Deep freezer prices, 5 drawers, start from 10,900 Egyptian pounds.
Deep freezer prices, 7 drawers, start from 12,000 Egyptian pounds.

Why Real Tech?

There are many companies that produce deep freezers in Egypt, but Real Tech remains the most distinguished company with a set of ingredients that make it the best, including:

It relies on the finest local and imported raw materials.
The warranty is at least five years.
After sales service.
Very reasonable prices for all home appliances, especially the deep freezer.
She holds a quality and ISO certificate.
Complies with global health requirements.
High experience in the field of manufacturing home appliances.
It provides you with the best energy-saving deep freezer.

If you decide to buy the best types of horizontal deep freezers and their prices are within your reach, then call one of the numbers shown on the website or through text messages shown on the site, and the customer service team will respond to you throughout the day.



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