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The cheapest 5-burner cooker

Are you looking for the cheapest 5 burner cooker in Egypt? Do you want to renew your kitchen and provide it with a new cooker, but the price of the 5-burner cooker does not meet your budget? Do you want to combine a high quality product and at the same time you are looking for suitable 5 burner cooker prices? You don't have to, now with Real Tech you can get all this and more, how is that? Follow this article with us to know the answer.

The cheapest 5-burner cooker - how do you choose the best?

The size of the 5-burner cooker is usually 90 cm suitable for housewives who are looking for a cooker for their own kitchen. As for what the housewife is looking for most, it is a cooker with good specifications and a good price, so before looking for the cheapest 5-burner cooker, look for a cooker with good specifications and stay away from The idea is to search for the lowest price only.

Make sure that the chosen cooker is:

  • Made of high quality stainless steel.
  • The size of the cooker is suitable for the kitchen space.
  • The mechanism of operating the cooker (electricity - gas) according to the foundation work in your kitchen.
  • The characteristics of the cooker (auto ignition - safety - timer).
  • The color matches the color of your kitchen.
  • The price of the 5-burner cooker should be suitable for your financial capabilities.

Real Tech offers the cheapest 5-burner cooker with high-quality specifications, to be able to combine the advantage of the highest quality cooker in exchange for the best 5-burner cooker price in Egypt, see the models and cooker prices.

Types of cooker 5 eyes

Real Tech manufactures the best, best and cheapest 5-burner cooker in Egypt, which works with different mechanisms.

Electric cooker

This type operates on electric power, and this cooker is characterized by the following:

  • Time setting feature.
  • It works by touch.
  • He does the full leveling.
  • temperature control.
  • Natural gas cooker

This type is the best 5-eye cooker that a housewife needs, due to its many advantages, which are:

  • The eyes are made of copper.
  • Its large size allows you to settle more than one item at a time.
  • You can move it from one place to another easily.
  • It saves electricity.
    to safety factors.
  • It has high-quality cast iron holders that can bear the weight of the pots.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The oven has a large capacity, allowing you to cook and grill more than one item at the same time.

Features of the 5-burner cooker from Real Tech

Real Tech has specially produced for you a 5-burner cooker that has great features, which are:

  • Large size makes you able to cook 5 meals together with ample surface area.
  • The cooker is made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Equipped with heavy weight legs.
  • Equipped with auto ignition feature for the top deck, oven and grill.
  • Equipped with a safety factor feature that keeps you safe.
  • The oven has an interior light.
  • The oven is equipped with an internal fan that distributes the heat.
  • Exquisite models and elegant designs that add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen.
  • Many consider it the best when searching for the cheapest 5-burner cooker, compared to the amount of advantages it has.

The price of the cooker is 5 burners

The prices of 5-burner cookers in Egypt differ from one company to another and from one type of cooker to another. The electric cooker has a different price than the natural gas cooker, but in general the prices range from 9000 to 15000 Egyptian pounds.

But if you are looking for the cheapest 5-burner cooker and at the same time a cooker that includes many advantages, Real Tech has provided a group of different models in price and specifications, you can browse the products and choose what suits you from them.

Real Tech - Why are we the best?

Real Tech comes at the top of the list of leading companies specialized in the production of home appliances, on top of which is the 5-burner 90 cm cooker, in addition to a wide range of other products.

As for the advantages of the company's products of gas stoves, they are:

  • In manufacturing, it relies on the finest stainless steel materials that comply with health and industrial specifications, and in accordance with industry and quality standards.
    The company's technical team has a lot of experience in this field.
    It offers the best 5-burner cooker in Egypt.
    The price of the 5-burner cooker is very competitive.
    Provides after-sales service, including maintenance and warranty.
    It gives you a guarantee for the cooker of at least five years.
    Using the finest Italian and German spare parts and accessories.
    Modern technology is used in the manufacture of the latest cookers.

You can order Real Tech cooker 5 burners now, and to find out more information about the price of the cooker 5 burners, you can contact us via the numbers shown on the website, and you will be answered immediately by our customer service team, which works around the clock.



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