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The cheapest cooker in Egypt

The cooker is one of the most important household appliances that are indispensable in any kitchen, whether it is home kitchens or restaurants, and whether you need to buy a small or large cooker, the cheapest cooker in Egypt or the most expensive cooker in Egypt. There are several factors that you must consider when choosing a cooker to make sure Make sure you choose a really good product.

In this article, learn about the most important factors for choosing the best cooker. Where do you find the cheapest 4-burner cooker? What is the price of 4 burners cooker in Egypt? The best cooker production company in Egypt? Just follow along.


Cooker selection factors

The cooker is one of the durable commodities that must be chosen very carefully. If you want to buy a small or large cooker, you should pay attention to many factors before thinking about buying the cheapest cooker in Egypt, the most important of which are the following:

Butane gas itself

The most important factor when buying a cooker is the material it is made of, and it is preferable that it be made of pure stainless steel, because:

Its shelf life is long.
Withstands heat and cleaning agents.
Rust proof.
Easy to clean.
It is distinguished by its glossy finish that gives it a wonderful, as-new look always.

Real Tech offers you the finest types of cookers made of the finest Italian 304 stainless steel.

Right size for kitchen space

One of the most important factors that determine the size of the cooker is the kitchen space, as small places need a 4-burner cooker, and large kitchens need a 5-burner cooker, as well as hotel and restaurant kitchens that need larger kitchen equipment.

Usage intensity

If you use the cooker a lot (a cooker, for example), then you should choose a durable cooker that can withstand frequent use. Real Tech promises you the best cooker materials that can withstand the pressure of use.


Before searching for the cheapest cooker in Egypt, you must take into account the capabilities that you need in the cooker and choose the appropriate type for you, and among the most important capabilities required in any cooker:

Oven: Does the oven have an air distribution fan or not?
Grill: The cooker must include the grill that works with the oven at the same time, and this feature saves you effort and time.
Safety factor: The safety element supports the gas self-separation feature and prevents it from leaking once the flame is turned off.
Ignition feature: It supports the ignition of the upper burners, and there are some cookers that support the feature of self-igniting the oven and grill as well.


Butane mechanism of action

Does the cooker operate on gas or electricity? This is an important factor to choose on the basis that is right for you.

the price

You should choose models at prices that suit your budget. Of course, do not get carried away by those who promote cooker offers, repeating false slogans that they have the 'cheapest 4-burner cooker in Egypt', because this may be offset by a decrease in the cooker's material and quality.

Choose the prices of the 4-burner cooker according to your budget, while making sure that the cooker is of sufficient quality to fulfill the main purpose of its acquisition, which is the acquisition of a durable commodity with high efficiency that lasts for years and years.

the color

You must choose the right color for your taste and the color of the kitchen that matches it, and thus you will get an elegant kitchen that makes you feel comfortable.

Not only that, but Real Tech products combine elegance, quality, and competitive prices, as the company offers the best prices for cookers in Egypt.

Prices of cookers in Egypt

The prices of cookers in Egypt differ from one material to another and from time to time as well, so you will find that the prices of cookers today are different from their prices yesterday, and the prices of 5-burner cookers are different from the 4-burners, but you do not need to worry, Real Tech provides a group of the latest types of cookers and their prices in distinguished Egypt You find that:

The price of the cooker 4 burners - the cooker Town 4 burners 60 * 60 cm is 6600 pounds.

The price of cookers with 5 burners - Town Cast rooms, 5 cm, is 9455 pounds.

We at Real Tech provide the best types of cookers in Egypt at very reasonable prices. You can also follow up on stove offers, during which we offer offers for the cheapest cookers in Egypt, or contact us to ask about stove prices today.

The best company to sell the cheapest cooker in Egypt

Real Tech cooker is the best cooker in Egypt.. Real Tech is the best company specialized in producing the best types of cookers in Egypt. The company has many ingredients that make it the best, including:

It is the largest company specializing in all kitchen and restaurant equipment.
Manufacture of cookers from the finest stainless steel materials that comply with health and industrial specifications.
Agreeing to industry standards and quality.
Provides Italian spare parts and accessories.
It gives you a guarantee for the cooker of at least 5 years.
It provides you with the best offers for stoves in Egypt.
It offers you special offers to buy the cheapest cooker in Egypt.

After we put in your hands the criteria for choosing the best and cheapest cooker in Egypt, if you need to buy a high-quality cooker; All you have to do is browse Real Tech products and then contact us via WhatsApp messages or via the website, and customer service will respond to you immediately.



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