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The best cooker in Egypt

When you establish a new home, you must choose the home appliances very carefully, and on top of these appliances is the gas stove, due to its great role in the home.

You may or may not have heard about Real Tech cookers, in this article we put in your hands the specifications of the best cookers in Egypt and the most important criteria that will help you choose the best cooker brand. What are the sizes of cookers offered by Real Tech, and what about Real Tech? You can find all this and more between the lines of our article, so follow us.

Specifications of the best cooker in Egypt

The cooker is one of the most important household appliances. Therefore, when you decide to buy a cooker, you must search very carefully and ask a lot about the best types of cookers 2024 first, and in order to be able to choose the best types already, you must familiarize yourself with the criteria for choosing the best cooker in Egypt, which are:

Usage intensity

If you are a person who uses the cooker a lot (a cooker, for example), then you should choose a cooker that can withstand frequent use and be of the finest materials. The Real Tech cooker may be the appropriate choice in this case, especially since it is made of the finest materials that can withstand heavy use.

Cooker size

One of the most important factors that determine the size of the cooker is the size of the kitchen. Small places need a 4-burner cooker, while large kitchens need a 5-burner cooker. Depending on the size of the kitchen, you choose the appropriate size of the cooker. Real Tech provides you with the best cooker in Egypt - Real Tech cooker - which is available in different sizes to suit All sizes of kitchens.

The material made of butane

When you buy the best cooker in Egypt, you must take into account the material it is made of, make sure that it is made of stainless steel because it has a long shelf life and can withstand heat and cleaning materials in addition to being rust-resistant and easy to clean.

As for the Real Tech cooker, it is made of the finest Italian 304 stainless steel.


You must take into account the capabilities that you need in the cooker, such as:

Oven: Do you need a fan oven or is it not important to you.
Grill: Are you looking for a cooker that has both a grill and an oven, or is it a junk?
Safety factor: Do you want the cooker to support the gas self-separation feature and prevent it from leaking once the flame is turned off, or not?
Ignition feature: It supports the ignition of the upper burners, and there are some cookers that support the feature of self-igniting the oven and grill as well.

Real Tech Company allows you to cook Real Tech, which is the best brand of cookers available with various specifications, so that each customer can find his request and choose between hundreds of models.

the price

There is no doubt that searching for a good price in exchange for distinguished specifications is important for everyone. Real Tech for Electrical and Home Appliances offers you various models with standard specifications manufactured with the best materials. As for the price of Real Tech cookers, you do not need to worry about this matter, as the prices vary to meet the needs of different segments.

Real Tech cooker - the best brand of cooker

Real Tech cooker is the best cooker in Egypt due to its many features that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for high quality at an affordable price, as it:

Elegant design that highlights the beauty of your kitchen.
High quality cast iron holders.
The oven is equipped with a fan to circulate the air.
Made of stainless steel 304.
Provided with a grill skewer.
Oven door glass.
Digital screen showing oven temperature + timer.
Imported handle.
Five years warranty.
Reflective glass (mirror).
Equipped with self ignition for the burners in addition to the oven and grill.
Provided with a safety factor.
Easy to clean.
Sizes of cookers provided by Real Tech

The company offers more than one design in different sizes:

Cooker 4 burners 60 * 60.
Cooker 5 burners (60 * 90) or (60 * 80).

Real tech cooker price

The price of the cheapest 4-burner cooker from Real Tech starts from 6600 EGP, while the price of the 5-burner cooker starts from 9455 EGP, and the price varies from one model to another according to:

Same model.
Butane design.
Butane space.
its potential

Real Tech for Electrical and Home Appliances is one of the best and most important Egyptian companies that promises you standard specifications - you can choose from the best types of cookers 2024 available on the site, and we are fully confident that our product is the best cooker from experience.

Real Tech Company for electrical and home appliances

Real Tech for Electrical and Home Appliances is on the top of the companies specialized in the production of home appliances, as it is:

It offers the best offers for vacations that suit your budget.
The cooker is made of Italian 304 stainless steel.
It offers products that conform to health and industrial specifications, in accordance with industry and quality standards.
She works hard to achieve customer satisfaction.
It offers you a guarantee of at least five years.
Provide you with after-sales service.
It provides you with all sizes of cookers.
She holds European and ISO quality certification.
She has experience in the household appliances industry.

Therefore, if you want to buy a Real Tech cooker, it is the best cooker in Egypt; Do not hesitate - all you have to do is call one of the numbers on our website and our 24-hour customer service team will respond to you.



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